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Our story…

“For over 25 years QM Systems has been at the forefront of engineering innovation in an impressive array of sectors.”

Our technical expertise has contributed to the development of cutting edge, bespoke items of electrical engineering test equipment for the military through to mass-market consumer electronics. Along the way we have set new standards of technology in such diverse fields as electronic tagging, in-car entertainment systems, mobile telephone networks and stealth aircraft communications.

Our experience in industrial automation spans a wide range of industries including automotive, rail, aerospace, off highway, building services, pharmaceutical, food and beverage.

Case study

Integrated Production Line Facility


Our task: To provide a fully automated production line for manufacturing large sheet based materials.

Our solution: QM Systems provided a bespoke fully automated, turnkey production line based on a recycling core box system.

The core box, designed and manufactured by QM Systems weighed approximately 2000kg and was automatically manoeuvered around the production stations. Up to fifteen core boxes were present on the production line at any one time.

The 50m x 15m production line consisted of seven stations, each undertaking a different production activity and the stations were linked together by a continuos core box conveying system. On the last station a robot unloaded the finished product onto an exit conveyor.

QM Systems provided the control system, based on distributed motion control technology using nine Siemens S7 PLCs, Lenze Intelligent Drives, ABB Robot and Profinet based communications. The system connected to the client’s plant Scada system.

QM Systems specialise in providing our clients with turnkey automated solutions across a wide range of industries. Based in Worcester our Engineering Team have amassed considerable experience in providing automated solutions for component handling, assembly, inspection, verification, identification and packaging.

All of our true turnkey solutions including Mechanical Design, Electrical Control Design, Software Design, Procurement, Manufacture, Commission, Installation and Project Management are contained in-house at QM Systems, removing reliance on third parties. In addition QM Systems in-house Electronics & Software Department enables QM Systems to provide a true turnkey solution involving automation and complex electronics test.

Our automated solutions include:

•    Component Assembly
•    Pick, place and robotic applications
•    Component inspection, verification and test
•    Line Feed Systems
•    Component marking and identification
•    Manufacturing of electrical, pneumatic & electro-pneumatic panels

Case study

Booster Pin Insertion Machine


Our task: To provide a fully automated system to assemble and inspect the insertion of a metal pin into a plastic bearing.

Our solution: We designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a turnkey solution to inspect and assemble the two components.

The components were processed with a cycle time of 2.6 seconds (six million parts per year) and an unattended run time of up to four hours.

Components were fed from vibratory bowl feeders and inspected using an Omron vision inspection system for surface defect, short shot and feature malform on the plastic moulding.  Faulty components were rejected prior to assembly.

Components were assembled on a rotary table checked for push out and then output in batch quantities to an automated packing carousel.

The system was delivered in four months, one month ahead of schedule.

Our test systems are optimised for the customer’s production environment, maximising uptime and minimising the cost of ownership throughout the product lifetime. We have a wholly independent approach to selecting the right combination of components to ensure that the solution we deliver provides our clients with the best possible solution to meet their application. QM Systems has no preferred suppliers, and where no ‘off the shelf’ solution exists we have unrivalled expertise in test system design and interfacing to ensure that we can develop the best application-focused test solutions.

QM Systems understands that GUI and ergonomic design all contribute to usability, maintenance, integrity of signal routing and safety. We also understand that appearances are important: high quality test solutions impress our clients’ staff and customers, helping to motivate the workforce and attract more business.

Over the last 25 years QM Systems has created literally hundreds of test systems across a wide range of industries.

Case study



Our task: To provide a suite of test equipment for undertaking mechanical and electronic testing of a rail Brake Controller at product and system level.

Our solution: QM Systems created a turnkey solution to provide a suite of electronic test equipment, for the testing of a distributed brake controller, for passenger trains at product and system level. The solutions fully integrated mechanical and electronic test requirements into combined test rig platforms.

The Test Suite consisted of:

  • CERT (extended stress testing) Test Rig
  • System Test Rig
  • Test ATE
  • Depot Test Rig



QM Systems Computer Aided Manufacturing is an industrial PC based system providing station by station operator guidance with full Andon reporting. The system provides full monitoring and recording of operator activity, component traceability, operations and testing, within state of the art, production assembly and test environments. Any quality issues are identified at source and rectified, helping eliminate waste and increasing output.

Case study

Assembly Production Line with full CAA

Our task: To provide a class leading turnkey facility to manufacture braking calliper systems for the Rail Industry.

Our solution: A fully integrated production line with Computer Aided Assembly System with Andon. QM Systems delivered a turnkey production line with a six station fully integrated industrial PC based CAA System.The CAA System provided operator tracking via ID badge scanning at the station.

DC tools, press stations, loctite applications, test applications and test systems were integrated into the CAA System providing full logging and traceability of all build operations. Supervisor access enabled traceability product by product together with the ability to run key SPC reporting. Combined with an Andon System, OEE, cycle and build information was readily visible lineside and remotely via SAP.

The complete project was delivered, installed and commissioned in five months from start to finish.


QM Systems provides software and electronics engineered solutions and consultancy to a wide range of industries including automotive, industrial, aerospace, telecoms, military, rail and building services. QM Systems capability is second to none having built an enviable track record providing complex control and test solutions to many major bluechip clients.

QM Systems has established itself as a market leader in providing test, control and communication systems across all industries. All software and electronic solutions are designed and manufactured in house at QM Systems under one roof. In addition to providing tailored solutions to fit our clients requirements, we have developed a number of its own products targeted at electronics test and development laboratories.

Case study

Software & Electronics


Our task: To provide a fully integrated Infotainment test system to a premium luxury automotive manufacturer to undertake extensive verification and test of all infotainment modules.

Our solution: QM Systems designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a cost competitive test solution to provide communication with and validation of the vehicle in-car infotainment system.

•  Highly intelligent RF based test solution
•  Fully integrated with our clients lineside build management system
•  Based on an National Instruments PXI based Vector Signal Generator to create the majority of RF signals required
•  Ability to test and verify all systems including analogue and digital radio and TV, GPS Navigation, SDARS, GSM, GPRS and 3G phone and data communications, On vehicle wifi and Bluetooth, Chinese and Japanese navigation and road tolling systems.
•  Provided a low cost hardware platform that could be readily expanded to other factory locations
•  Ability to capture real world signals, record and playback enabling vehicles to be tested in a real world environment.




For over 25 years QM Systems has been at the forefront of engineering innovation. During this time we have consistently set new standards in technology in the fields of RF Communications and Tagging, Mobile Data Networks and High Power Engineering.

Today QM Systems provide consultancy and support to our clients in Automotive, Aerospace, Rail & Military in the fields of RF Transmissions, Data Communications and High Power Engineering.

Our skills are readily portable, for example many years of experience in engineering high power DC systems for aircraft is providing much interest with our automotive clients developing high power electric and hybrid vehicle control systems.

Our clients benefit from the overall impact that a consultative approach can offer and expertise exactly where needed, allowing access to far greater levels of expertise at incredibly competitive costs than would be feasible to retain in-house by our clients.

QM Systems continue to lead innovations.